Some black redstart photos from yesterday, a very smart bird indeed. MBarfieldPhoto photo

Shaped to perfection, a natural aerodynamic masterpiece effortlessly glides through the sky with such velocity, she often flies under the radar. MBarfieldPhoto photo

A moments rest in the little bit warmth given from the winters sun.
Purple sandpiper (Calidris maritima)
MBarfieldPhoto photo

Taking a break from creeping and fluttering around the rocky shores, a turnstone rests up on an elevated rock away from the crashing waves. MBarfieldPhoto photo

Sat on its delicate riverside perch a kingfisher stares into the water below, waiting for the precise moment to execute its dive. Patience and persistence are key traits of this expert fisher. MBarfieldPhoto photo

The repetitive routine of a foraging purple sandpiper, searching the slippery sea-weed covered rocks for edibles whilst each crashing wave provides a near miss that these birds are keen to avoid. MBarfieldPhoto photo
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